WORLD WAR-I: Short Essay


Subsequent to Japan-French war in 1871, there had been a hatred feeling among many nations. Each strengthened its own army. Germany was nursing a grudge against Britain, wanting to blow up its (Britain’s) naval base!

While this was going on, elsewhere, Russia was craving to invade and annex Austria and Hungary. However, what snowballed into World War was that, when Ferdinand, the royal descent of Hungary – Austria, was shot to death in Bosnia on June 28, 1914. The obvious suspect behind this assassination was Siberia!

Finding an excuse, France and Russia fanned the flames; Germany backed the victim’s nations and declared the war against France and Russia. The German army had captured Belgium. It developed into a big battle when Britain joined the arena in support of its ally, France, on August 3, 1914. More countries were forced to take two sides. Thus, World War-I (1914-1918) broke out.

With born-to-fight instinct, the dare devil Germany used poisonous bomb shells. In retaliation, Great Britain showered bombs, using army tanks. The war went on unabated for three more years. Until then America remained a mute spectator. But when the Germany’s U boat opened fire and killed the innocent Americans, it took a nasty turn as America plunged into the arena in 1917!

However, the then American President Woodrow Wilson, a many-faceted personality, gave his consent to his army. The US army launched severe attack on the German-led enemies. And the war continued for about a year. But the Germany, for the first time, tasted defeat in all the fronts and retreated!

However, Wilson’s 14 point peace pact forced German to buckle. In 1918, the war came to an end. He was instrumental in forming the League of Nations. And he also took initiative to draft Ve sailles Treaty. For this very reason, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 1919.

The outcome was devastating. Over eight million soldiers of the participating countries were killed and hundreds of thousands were injured, in addition to pushing these countries on the brink of economic crisis!

WORLD WAR-II: Essay Writing Topics


Twenty one years after World War-I, Adolf Hitler, took over Germany. His natural instinct of the Arian Supremacy, forced him to wage a war against Poland in 1939. France and Britain backed up Poland. However, Britain could not match the German’s U boats.

Germany forced its way, blasted the rival army and their camps and advanced deep inside south of France. But the British Premier, Churchill hit back. Meanwhile, joining hands with Finland, Romania and Hungary, the Nazi German army pounced on Russia in 1941. They had almost reached the threshold of Russia!

Years after, Japan attacked the American Naval base at Pearl Harbour, as a suicide fighter jet pilot of Japan, after bombarding the harbour, rammed his bomb-laden aircraft against the stationary ship, ‘Prince of Wales,’ and blew it to pieces! This was America’s prestigious naval base. Many ships were berthed there alongside. The devastating fire engulfed a fleet of ships. (Incidentally this was the first ever suicide bomber attack).

Terrifying thus, Japan spread its wings over South East Asian countries, including India.

Even Madras was not spared! A German U boat, navigated by a German called, Emdon, attacked the Madras port and the lighthouse. But luckily both these landmarks had survived. The two countries, Japan and German, fought valiantly against the allied forces comprising, America, Russia, France and Britain.

The American soldiers, under their Army General, Douglas Mac Arthur, a military genius, fought commendably well. He was also the Commander of the allied forces. The three bigwigs, Churchill (British Premier), Roosevelt (US President) and Joseph Stalin (President of USSR-Union of Soviet Socialist Republic – Russia) held an emergency meeting.

But in 1945, after the death of Roosevelt, Harry Truman became the US President. By that time, the German who suffered heavy loss had to surrender. Hitler, who was cornered, shot himself to death! But Japan continued to fight. Finally, after America, twice, dropped Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 & 9 in 1945, the six year long war had come to an end. It claimed over 150,000 lives, injuring more numbers.

YOGA: Essay Writing


Yoga – it is an exercise for a perfect health.

This was taught world over by a man named, BKS Iyengar. What was strange about him was that, in his early life he had suffered with typhoid, malaria and was more prone to any infectious and contagious diseases. As if to rub salt to the wounds, his family was a poor one and he could barely able to get two square meals a day. So pathetic was his state, then!

Feeling sorry for this small boy his brother-in-law, took him to Karnataka state where he lived. It was a relief to the ailing boy. There he could eat regularly! Besides, his in-law had taught him some basic yoga to improve his health, which the boy did regularly.

As the days went by, his health was gradually improving! This motivated him to keep at it. And he continued to do yoga. By the time he became an adolescent, he was fit as a fiddle! Then as directed by his in-law, he proceeded to Maharashtra state to teach yoga there.

First, he had a fewer students. Yoga was yet to get recognition at that time. But that did not deter him. Whether or not he liked it, he had to I demonstrate yoga to his few students. Moreover, the language acted as a barrier. He spoke in I broken English and gestures. However, when the word passed around, more people poured in.

This was pleasing to him and he taught them all that he had learned. Years after that, he returned to his in-law with the money he had I earned. At 25, he got married.

One day he ran into an influential person, a family friend called, Yahudi. On seeing the great potential in the young man (BKS), Yahudi advised him to go abroad and teach.

That was how he had spread his wings to many foreign soils. He went to countries like, France (Paris), London and many others where the people welcomed yoga. It was a turning point in his life and also to lakhs of people.



Tiger is the national animal of India. Of all the wild animals, tiger is the most beautiful one, with black stripes across its golden brown colours that will simmer like a polished glass in the sun.

A well grown tiger measures more than nine feet length! Unlike the lions that live in the open ground, tigers love spending time by staying in the waters. Though it is a ferocious animal by nature, lost all tigers are man-eaters!

What makes one a man-eating tiger? There are so many reasons to it. Old age, lack of teeth, physical disability to give a long hard chase, perhaps a wound in their paws, or by mistake they might have tasted human blood before – any one of these attributes for a tiger to turn into a man-eater!

A young, healthy tiger, free from all these disabilities, do not kill a man unless provoked. Jim Corbett, the legendary British hunter who lived in the early 20th century in Nainital, had killed as many as 429 man-eaters, including lions, leopards and cheetahs! Of all these, the toll of tigers is more.

In those days, there were many dense forests in the northern part of India. The population was very less. So, the wild animals were frequently sneaking into the village to kill the cattle. At times, they would kill men also.

Under such circumstances, Jim Corbett was summoned by the local administration, the collector, to shoot and kill the man-eaters. Of all the districts, it was Komayun where Corbett had
encountered more number of them. Nowadays, especially after the SPCA was formed, killing an animal is an offence. In addition, as the number of tigers have thinned down, more importance is given to preserve this ancient heritage animal, under “Project Tiger” drive. Now the population of tigers is increasing continually. Now it is put at 1411.

By killing 429 man-eaters, Jim Corbett’s name has figured in the Guinness Book of World Records. No hunter had ever killed as many as he did. It was he (Jim Corbett) who said that of all the animals, tigers are beautiful animals.



There are over 220 countries in the world. Some are bigger, while others are smaller. But the very name of this country, Vatican City, instantly brings to memory, Jesus Christ, Churches and the Catholic leader Pope John Paul. In spite of its tiny size, this small country attracts more number of tourists. The form of government is Papal Commission.

The area of Vatican City (Citta Del Vaticano) is barely half a km. And the population is less than 900! It lies in the heart of Rome on a low hill on the west bank of the river, Tiber. But all the same! Having its own flag, national anthem, currencies Euro, coins and stamps, it is second to none!

Vatican is the head quarters of Catholic Church. The panoramic view of this city with the Church of St. Peter’s square and St. Peter’s Basilica is a feast to the eyes. The former that stands towering the surrounding is fascinating. There is another interesting thing that adds attraction to this holy city. It is the Apostolic Palace, bordered by lovely Papal gardens and museum. This city was first established in 1929, subsequent to the pact signed, then. It is otherwise called as the ‘Holy Empire.’

It has its own newspapers, police force, radio station, better known as ‘Radio Vatican,’ that broadcasts service in 34 languages from transmitters within the Vatican city. Its main tourist attractions are the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475- 1564).

Most of the natives there knew each other very well. It was like living in a hamlet. They knew everybody who is anybody. Every year, some hundreds of lakhs of tourists pour in here to have a glimpse of the holy place where Jesus was born about two thousand years ago.

There is a monument where arts & crafts works of Bernini, Michelangelo and Raphael decorate the interior wall of the Christendom Church. The Pope exercises sovereignty and had absolute legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Thus it makes this country so tiny in the world.