Essay topics on journey in a crowded bus



The bus stopped a little away from its regular stop. The whole crowd the passengers of the two buses rushed towards it. An earlier bus was cancelled. How to board the bus was a problem. There was no option but to use force. I used all the strength, pushing others back-all the abuses lashed at me- got in- very fortunate for the bus moved as soon as I managed a standing seat between the rows of sitting seats. Yes I’ll call it a standing seat for it was not possible to move even an inch from the space I was occupying. I tried to see out. None was left. All had managed to be in that black hole. Will you like to call the passengers men and women? No they were just jute bags filled with flesh and bones. Poor bags are loaded by others. These bags loaded themselves. Jute bags won’t mind if they are placed one upon the other. But these bags of skin grumbled.

It was June. The atmosphere at the bus-stand was very hot. But now all the passengers were adding to the heat inside. Even hell might have been cooler. I! No everyone was thirsty now. Water? It was not an A.C.compartment that water would be supplied. Yes you could have it when the bus stops. But why should it? It was an express-only two stops-one at a wayside restaurant providing free meals to the driver and the conductor. The other was near a silk emporium- a private one. No, no the driver has not to purchase anything. He has just to collect the usual halting charges. Almost all the passengers were out at the restaurant at least to have water, such a big crowd. I just thought of the djinn of the bottle. How could be enter the bottle. The whole crowd that even the hotel could have not accommodated entered the bus like the djinn in the bottle again.

Essay topics on journey in a crowded bus

Who to complain to? Everyone was perspiring and considering everyone else responsible for his inconvenience. A sudden break, A sea of heads moving backwards striking one another- some heavily –cursing the driver. These drivers have a grudge against the passengers who sit comfortable while he has to do his heavy duty. But today the scene was different. The driver was as safe in his cabin as ever while the passengers were at the receiving end. But old habits don’t leave a man. The driver had a sea of passengers that day to take his revenge upon.

‘For God’s sake don’t crush my foot’. But why have you put it under my shoe? Just push it back’, strange argument. A small child started weeping – might have been used to cooler in the summer. How could one explain him it was not house-it was a moving boiler. A bump again, everyone collided against someone else. The bus had just crossed over a speed breaker. ‘All hands in’ cried the conductor. The bus was passing through a tunnel. The lights were on to let the passengers not forget their plight.Lo! The tunnel was over. But the bus stopped with a jerk. Bedding had rolled down the roof of the bus. A few passengers hustled out of the bus. The bedding was brought back and lifted up the roof.

At last the bus reached Mangalore. What a comfort it was to be out of that luggage carrier all perspiring- all cursing the transport system of the state. It was a big relief to be out of the black hole after three hours torture especially for the children and women.

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Wood has been the most common source of energy since the advent of human beings on the earth. Population being thin everywhere it seemed on everlasting source. Increase in population meant occupation of land for residential houses. That is how forests started depleting and disappearing too. Ti was not simply a loss in the potential source of energy but created environmental problem too. Since 18th century coal started replacing wood and was known as black gold. But the scientists knew that as the industries grew and the population increased coal reserves may last only for a hundred or two hundred years. The discovery of petrol of course proved a boon. But as the late Shah of Iran put it the stocks may last only by the first quarter of the 21st century.


NTPC Thermal Power Station India

Nuclear or atomic energy started replacing these conventional sources of energy after the Second World War. Number of plants increased in the developed countries to an extend that by the eighties of the 20th century this too was considered as conventional source of energy. It is based on the principle of fission of a heavy atom of uranium or allied metals like plutonium that releases unlimited energy. It has two limitations. The stock of uranium is limited. Moreover the fission produces dangerously radioactive waste. Dumping of the waste is a problem.

Another big source of energy, specially in metropolitan cities is the garbage and refuse. Big tanks at okhla in New Delhi receive human excreta through drain from a particular area. It is recycled in a way to produce gas that is supplied to the nearby area for cooking. It can also be used for lighting the household. The left over after processing provide rich natural fertilizer. The city garbage in Bombay is supplied to a firm that processes it in a way ultimately changing the garbage into small coal ingots that are used in place of coal in all manufacturing concerns. There are a number of such plants in Bombay. All these unconventional sources of energy are free from environmental hazards and are economical too.

The search for still better sources of energy has been continuing.


We respect our Teachers An Ideal Teacher

Essay Writing Topics on MY IDEAL TEACHER


I live in a world if starvation. I have friends all around me-all beggars. They are starving in a world that is full of knowledge. But the toast of knowledge is not passed on to the hungry student. An ideal teacher would make the toast wholesome with latest innovations and place it on the plate of inquisitiveness of the students. The teacher of my fancy would not pass on morsels of stale knowledge to the students. He would rather offer something new-something fresh- something full of fragrance.

We respect our Teachers An Ideal Teacher

You are My Best Teacher

Notes of different categories are now available in the market- the market of cheap second hand knowledge. If one chooses to have this stuff one can have it from the education hawker at the street corner. An ideal teacher won’t recommend this cheap stuff. He will also not dictate such cheap notes to the young students to cram and go through the examination. An ideal teacher has full faith in the intelligence of the young girls and boys. He would arouse their passion for knowledge and would satisfy it by explaining things. He would substantiate everything with a number of examples. He would let knowledge flow like a transparent stream. One has just to have a dip to be fresh.

Double standard is the greatest vice of the modern age. One says something and does just the opposite. It is a world of hypocrites. My ideal teacher is truth and simplicity personified. His apparent personality and inner self are one and the same. He has no aspirations to amass wealth through tuitions and other unfair means. He is an embodiment of idealism. It is his knowledge backed by simplicity that makes him popular among the students. He places an ideal of self sacrifice and helping nature before the students.

My ideal teacher is not a library himself. But he is always in the orchard of books and knowledge. He picks up flowers and fruits for himself and his hungry students. He guides them to realm of knowledge. By imparting true knowledge he grows his own stature and that of his dear boys. He transforms them into personalities that keep the nation young and the society rich with immortal culture of the nation. He is a candle that shows path to the young boys through the dark lanes of life by its flame. Like a candle he burns and sacrifices himself to smoothen the path of others.

MY Ideal Teacher EssayTopics

An unforgettable Teacher in My life

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Essay on Mothers Day for school students



Child is just a monkey aping the ones close to it. It is through this imitation that the baby starts learning. The nearest to the babe is the mother. The child unconsciously copies all the good or bad triats of the mother. If the mother scolds others the child is apt to do the same. If the mother is kind and affectionate the child too acquires these qualities. A child totally depends upon the mother. She is its first teacher. The father and the school teacher are the latter entries.

Essay on Mothers Day for school students

I Love My Mom, My Role model

No mother would like her son or daughter turn rust or evil. She pays attention to its child to make it an ideal son or daughter according to her ability and capability. It has been seen that the son of an uncultured, illiterate mother remains uncultured, rough and careless throughout his life. There is a story that a dacoit was to be hanged for the murders he had committed. As his last wish he wanted to see his mother. The wish was fulfilled. When his mother embraced him he cut her nose. The jailor was astonished. But the dacoit said,” Sir this is the woman who instigated me to commit crimes by keeping all that I brought through thieving when I was only five. The world should know that she was an evil teacher”

Coming to the modern days we find the mothers in the middle class families spending hours together in training their children in their own way. They would prepare them in the morning for school. In the afternoon and evening they would get their home work done. They, sometimes, teach them more than what the school teachers do. The mother has an ambition for the one whom she reared in her womb for nine months. She wants him or her to be a doctor, an engineer or an officer. She starts the children climb these stairs of success.

The child is basically a part of its mother- inseparable. Father is a busy soul and wants  to pass on his responsibilities to others. He hasn’t affection that moulds the character of a child. A teacher is an outward entity. He does not know the weakness and other traits of the child. The kindness and affinity imbibed in the soul of mother can hardly be borrowed by anyone else. Thus she remains the best teacher.

My mother is the best Teacher

My Mother is My Love My Role model My Best FRiend

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