short essay on population explosion in India

Essay Writing Topics on POPULATION EXPLOSION


A dark image bumps out of the television set every morning- the glory image of the biggest democracy of the world. India has already 45th position in the comity of nations so far as economic status is concerned. Adding the Australia to the population graph is not creditable. It adds as many mouths to be fed- as many bodies to be clothed. Education, most of them would have no access to when they are grown up. There is already a flood of illiterate young men and women. A child being born before the second needle takes a full round in the clock may lead the nation to a world of hunger, strife, slums, inequalities- an unimaginable disaster. Family planning is the only way out to save the nation from the final calamity.

The population in the world is bursting at the seams. It was 4 billion in 1975. According to a report of the United Nations Funds for population activities reached, 5, 48 billion mark in1992 and six million by 1998. There will be an average addition of 97 million every year in the last decade of the millennium. All of this population growth is expected to be in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

essay writing on population explosion in the world

UNFPA has projected three time tables of population growth by 2150. According to medium projection it will be 9.4 billion in 2050, 10.8 billion in 2150. It is on the pattern of optimum growth and will be possible if people take a firm decision and practice family planning. The most optimistic assumption is the low projection calculation of 8.5 billion by 2050. It will begin to fall after that. But the high projection growth is horrifying.

According to a report of International Labor Organization 8.1% people in developed countries had no jobs in1993. Germany was expected to have 11.3 per cent jobless people, France 12.0% and Britain 10.4 %. Unemployment is highest among unskilled workers and immigrants. Developing countries where there is no check on population have been facing the problem gravely. Half of the population of these countries is both illiterate and absolute poor.

The population growth has resulted in a wide gap between the earnings of the rich and the poor resulting in disparities of economic and social status. People have been migrating to big cities where industries are concentrated. It has resulted in thousands of slums in these cities. Slum culture results in flesh trade. A large number of girls are lured to the red area. Infant mortality has been increasing. Because of more population more land is acquired for residential purpose and agriculture. It results in denudation of forests causing environmental and ecological disaster.

The only way out is to check the growth of population. Long back Malthus had recommended celibacy for the purpose. But it is not possible to practice it in modern world. A large number of methods are available for temporary and short term checks.

Essay on The Ozone Layer Depletion and Its Effects

Essay on The Ozone Layer Depletion and Its Effects


Ozone is a condensed form of Oxygen. It has three atoms of Oxygen instead of two and has a faint blue color with pungent odor.In industries it is used in deodorization, oxidation and bleaching and it is generated by a silent electric discharge in ordinary Oxygen. Thus it is useful in this way. It is very useful in saving life from sun radiation. It actually forms an umbrella over the earth. It is concentrated generally 30 km above the surface of earth. It is generated there by the interaction of high radiation of the sun on the oxygen in the atmosphere. Its concentration is only 10 ppm parts of air. Still it stops sun radiation to penetrate the earth.

Essay on The Ozone Layer Depletion and Its Effects

If there is a pollution of ozone i.e. if the ozone layer is disturbed the sun radiation would attack human life, animal and plant life. The ultra violet rays would eat all life on earth. A one percent reduction of ozone layer would mean 4 to 8 per cent increase of skin cancer among people having light colored skin.

With an increase of 22 per cent cancer among men and 17 per cent women in Australia the Northern America was rather awake. Research in 1985 showed that there was a big hole in Ozone layer in Antarctica- as big as the United States and as deep as Mount Everst.4.9 to 10.6 per cent loss was found over Australia. This resulted in one lakh forty thousand cases of skin cancer every year in a population of one crore seventy lakh the highest in the world.

Research in 1985 showed the chlorofluoro carbons (CFC) used in air conditioning and refrigerators finally moves out and stops its journey only after crossing the ozone shield. With an interaction with ultraviolet rays of the sun chlorine is separated. It eats ozone. Thus CFC has proved a great pollutant. If its use is continued the hole over Antartica, Australia and Europe would increase so much that people may not survive in due course. To save the world from the pollution of ultra violet rays ozone must be preserved and some other substitute must be found for the cooling system.

A report published on October 5,2000 based on research done in Wellington asserts that the hole over Antarctica covers 29.3 million an area more than three times the size of the USA.It extended over the Sothern Chile city of Punta Arenas exposing residents to very high levels of ultra violet radiations. Segments separating from the hole could affect Argentina; tip South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It is rather a challenge to the world to check this ozone depletion or it will gradually affect some more areas.

Short essay writing topics on World Peace




History is a record of wars. Peace is still a dream. People talk of peace but prepare for war. Almost all the countries have been raising their defense budgets. With the fall of Soviet empire, cold war is over. But the fall of Communism has seen disintegration of many countries. World wars have been replaced by small ones. They are uglier still. The world wars were fought for a number of years. These small wars may continue for years together.

The nation of Islamic brotherhood has been falsified by a number of wars between Islamic nations. Iran-Iraq, Iraq-Kuwait and the furious war continuing among three groups in Afghanistan have rendered lakhs of people dead. The trouble in Bosnia and Palestine seems unending. The African tribes never see eye to eye. Millions have recently died in South Africa. It seems that the main business of some of the Middle East and Asian Islamic countries and the tribes of many African countries is to have wars on big or small scale.

Short essay writing topics on World Peace

World Peace

After the partition of India in 1947 India has been making progress in the field of industries. Pakistan too has been. But there the main industry is the manufacture of arms and ammunitions. A country having a population of 13 crore people thinks of only preparations of war against India. In India there is no peace in North East region and in Kashmir valley. In Sri Lanka LTTE and the government have a perpetual struggle? In U.K there are permanent violent clashes between the Protestant English and the Roman Catholic Irish people.

In the first and second century .D there were bloody wars between the Christians and the non- Christians in Europe. After the sixth century Islamic crusaders attacked many parts of Asia including India, Africa and some parts of Europe too. The wars didn’t stop with the attacks from the Muslim countries of the Middle East. The neo-converts to Islam waged wars against the rest with a greater vehemence. This spirit of Jehad has not stopped even today. Looking to this permanent phenomenon a French astrologer once said that the next world war would be between the fundamentalist Muslim forces and the rest of the world. It means he foresaw another war long back. The wars that started among the people of the Stone Age are still continuing. The only difference is that the old nomad fought with stones and boulders while the modern man has the most sophisticated arsenal. Even the atomic ammunition has been left behind. The LASER rays when fully developed may kill all the living beings and vegetation. The there will be permanent peace-peace of the graveyard.

Major Rivers in India Essay Writing Topics




Himalaya, the highest mountain range in the world is the crown of India .Still it has not given the longest or the widest river to the country. The longest in the world are Amazon in South America and Nile in Africa. In length Brahmaputra of India is 28th while river Ganga is 31st. Indus, of course is 26th.But it is no more in India. By the time it is known as Sindhu it flows through Pakistan. It has five tributaries, three of which originate in the Indian region of the Himalayas and flow through the Indian territory before joining Sindhu in Pakistan. None of the Himalayan rivers crosses the Vindhyachal range. None flows through the Southern Peninsula.

The main rivers of the Himalayan ranges are sindhu, Brahmaputra, Ganga and Jamuna, Sindhu and its tributaries all origin in the Himalayas and criss cross both India and Pakistan. The origin of Sindhu is mount Kailas. It ultimately falls into the Arabian Sea in Sindh. The Brahmaputra rises in Western Tibet and flows over to the North- Eastern region to flow into the Bay of Bengal. Ganga is considered as the most pious river in India. It rises from Gangotri while Jamuna its tributary rises from Jamnotri. Both of them flow through the heartland of India. Jamuna joins Ganga at Prayag and then the Ganga flowing through Bihar and Bengal meets the Bay of Bengal near Calcutta.

Major Rivers in India Essay Writing Topics

Besides these perennial rivers we have many in the South and the West. While the Himalayan Rivers cover about 70% of the inflow of water the Southern ones cover about 30 %. All the Southern and West coast rivers are rain fed and so may be called seasonal. After the rainy season they are just lean streams, Narmada and Tapti rise in the North and flow to the Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat, The Shravati, the Netravati, and the Bharata puzha, the Periyar and the Pamba originate in the Western Ghats. Crossing the West Coast they join the Arabian Sea. The Krishna, the Godavari, the Pennar and the Cauvery too originate in the Western Ghats. But crossing the Peninsula, flowing through the four Southern states fall in the Bay of Bengal

With so many rivers and their tributaries there should be no dearth of potable water in the country. But the truth is otherwise. Most of these rivers are so much polluted that their water does not remain worth drinking. The waste of two public sectors industries IDPL and BHEL falls in the Ganga at Rishikesh. Again at Kanpur it meets the same fate. In Bihar and Bengal it receives the effluence of a very large number of industries. Similar is the fate of Jamuna. In its 48 km round of Delhi it receives 9200 kgs of chemicals, metals and solid wastes of industries every day. The 17 big drains bringing all filth of Delhi join Jamuna. By the time it reaches Mathura the water is not even worth bathing.

The songs sung in the praise of Indian rivers carry no sense now. They cause more of disease than giving relief to the people. They have become the store of filth of the whole country. Central Government has formed Central Ganga Authority. It is trying to remove and check the pollution of the Ganga. There should actually be a Central River authority to cleanse all the rivers of the country.

Nuclear Plant Pollution Essay Topics



Power starving world took shelter under the umbrella of nuclear plants. The idea sprang from the energy released by atom bombs. It is very difficult to have a nuclear war. The people became wiser. They channeled the atomic power into energy through atomic plants little knowing that the radiation from these plants would be a hazardous- even more- as that from ultra violet rays of the sun. Man cannot gain immunity from it. The nuclear plants are good only till they do not let radioactive fumes come out .It may come at intervals affecting animal world including man and poison food too.

To remember a few-Ural mountains in Russia in 1957-58,UK in 1957,USA in 1961,Luceans Vad in Switzerland in 1969 ,Russia in 1974,USA again in 1975 and 1979,Tsuruga in Japan in1981,Buenos Aires in Argentina in1983,Oklahowa in USA in 1986,Three mile Island in USA in 1979 continuing up to 1987. Another study reported other 151 accidents in 14 countries between 1971 and 1984. A private body in USA reported 3000 accidents in Nuclear Power Projects in the USA in 1985 and 2,300 in 1984 besides 750 emergency shut downs in 1984.

Nuclear Plant Pollution Essay Topics nuclear power plant pollution problems

Nuclear Power Plant

It looks rather strange that even after so many accidents polluting the world atmosphere there are still near about 450 nuclear plants supplying electricity to 26 countries. France tops the list with 70% dependence on nuclear power. USA comes next from the bottom with 18%.The former USSR had 41 plants for its 11 % nuclear power generation.

In India there have been accidents and leakage at Tarapur exposing 3,000 workers. Madras Atomic Power Station at Kalpakkam and CANDV safety at Narora, Kakrapur, Kaiga and Nagarjunasagar plant too. Sugatha Kumari the well known Malayalam poetess and many other luminaries formed a group that came to the conclusion that “The radiation hazard was intrinsic design and constructions of all reactors were liable to routinely release radioactivity and harmful radio-nuclides.”Even after this warning the clout of Indian nuclear scientists has been making efforts to have more nuclear plants.

It is good that the movement against this most hazardous pollutant is gaining grounds in the USA and some European countries. About 600 orders for atomic reactors were cancelled. Some of the states in the USA have banned commissioning of existing plants too. In India there is no organization to investigate. The affected workers are dismissed and new ones are appointed. Let us hope that some non government organization in India too would force the government to put an end to these most hazardous pollutant projects and to have energy give importance to the plants based on sea waves, wind and sun rays that are non pollutant.