Did you know that there are at least fourteen million blind people in the world? Of all blind people in the world, only a small percentage was born blind. Blindness at birth is called congenital blindness. The causes of it are not all known. Mainly diseases of eyes cause blindness that occurs after birth. A general disease of the body, such as diabetes or meningitis, rather than a disease of the eye itself may also cause blindness. Accidents and explosions are two other causes of blindness. In countries where people live longer because of good medical care and a high standard of living, old age often brings on certain eye conditions. Two of these eye conditions are cataract and glaucoma. Cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness. A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens, the transparent part of the eye through which light rays pass becomes cloudy, and only strong light ray can pass through it. There is consequently a loss in vision. Cataracts can be removed by surgery. With glaucoma, there is a hardening of the eyeball and great pressure inside the eye. Today there are medicines to control glaucoma if it is discovered in time. The greatest single cause of sight is trachoma. It is a contagious disease of the eyes caused by a virus. If affects the inner lining of the eyelids. Also, blood vessels grow over the cornea. This can destroy the vision. Antibiotics can now control trachoma, but it is still common in some parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Essay Writing Topics on MY FAVOURITE TEACHER


I am a student of Government Model Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi. There are about sixty teachers in my school, but I like my class teacher, Mrs. Pandey, very much. She teaches us English.

She is a gentle lady of middle age. Her personality is very impressive. She believes in simple living and high thinking. She is very punctual and follows discipline. Her way of teaching is very good. She has a command over her subject. Her voice is very sweet. She teaches poetry in her musical voice. All the students in the class are spell bound.

She has a keen interest in sports also. She takes us for outdoor picnics and educational tours. She is a good player of badminton and table tennis. She is always active and alert. She inspires students to take part in games because she believes that there is a sound mind in a sound body. She is a source of great motivation to her colleagues as well. She has a vast knowledge of other subjects also. She is held in high esteem by all the inmates of the school. She is sometimes called a ‘walking encyclopedia’. She is a lady of refined nature and mild disposition. She is very kind to the weak and poor.

She is a lady of good habits. All the students like her. May she live long. I love her the most and hope to be like her one day



I like all kinds of outdoor games. I can play tennis, badminton and hockey, but I like cricket best of all. It is my favorite game.

Cricket is an international sport. Though it originated in England it has now been adopted by many other countries. Indians have proved that they can beat the English at their own game many times.

Playing cricket has several advantages. It provides healthy exercise in the open air. It calls for the power of endurance. One should be able to keep on playing for several hours without getting exhausted. Whether bowling or batting it requires alertness. One has to have one’s eye fixed on the ball. One has also to move quickly both in fielding and for getting runs.

Cricket is an interesting game to watch as well as to play. I never miss an opportunity to witness a test match in which our country’s stalwarts play. I find it thrilling to watch Sachin, Saurav, David, Kumble, Zaheer Khan and several others in action on the cricket field. It is a rare treat that I always look forward to. I always admire the great cricketers like Pataudi, Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Bishen Singh Bedi.



History is my favorite subject. I enjoy other school subject also. But I enjoy learning history the most. Mathematics is the subject I least enjoy.

History is the record of the past. It tells us of the great people and what they did. It tells about the people responsible adventures, wars, and our progress.

History helps me in understanding the present in the light of the past. It helps me develop my power of thinking. A person without knowledge of history cannot have a good judgment. He cannot judge events and incidents.

No doubt history has many names and dates but they are all so interesting. History is the record of man’s progress through the ages.

I have good collection of history books. Some day, I might even write such a book myself. History has widened my outlook.



I am a great lover of poetry. I learn poems in my literature class and I have studied my poets in detail. Shelly, Keats, Yeats, Wordsworth etc. have been taught to us since we were in class V.

Of all the English poets, the one l am most font of is Wordsworth. He belonged to the romantic age, the age that was a reaction to neo-classical poetry of the 18th century. Wordsworth wrote in a unconventional style with a diction that was easy to understand. His poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility. He was not so concerned with the downfall of kings and queens. He was more concerned with the simple people that he came across in his life. The more simple a person was the more appealing Wordsworth found him. That is the reason why some of his most beautiful and touching poems about a solitary girl who reaps in the field. She is an ordinary village girl who sings a sad plaintive song and this is enough to transfix Wordsworth to the place where he heard her song echoing in the valley.

Wordsworth was a worshipper of nature. It was his firm belief that the company of nature brings joy to our hearts. Nature to him provides a healing power to comfort, troubled minds. He believed that nature is a teacher who can educate human beings. He was the only poet who gave nature so much importance that he evolved a philosophy on nature.

Wordsworth paints very beautiful vivid pictures of beauty from nature and this endears him to me. I can never forget the effect of his words as I read them and enjoy the music of his words. I also find a lot of peace and comfort in nature and when I read nature poetry I feel that I can relate immediately and this is why Wordsworth poem become a source of great joy for me.