NEWSPAPERS: Essay Writing Topics


A newspaper has a very important place in our lives. If we were to live without newspaper we would be in the dark. We will never know what is happening in our own country and the world. It is a good habit to keep abreast with all that is happenings all over the country and in the world. Newspapers are the greatest source of information to us. They report incidents of importance that occur daily in various parts of the country and the world. No doubt there is TV and radio. But their reports are not authentic.

A newspaper gives us the correct picture of the social, cultural, economic and business scene in the word. If there are no newspapers we would never learn about the various changes that are taking place in various spheres and also who or what causes those changes. Knowledge gives us strength to tackle problems and knowledge and information is best provided by newspapers.

The unemployed search for vacancies in newspaper. Advertisements keep us informed about the latest ranges of various products and the commercial world becomes a living world through the medium of newspapers.

We also get sports news and film reviews from papers. Young boy and girls learn about the various sports events and also film news from the celluloid world. Cartoons and games also keep one entertained our mornings would be dull if we did not have the newspaper-man bringing our favourite newspaper to our doorstep.

We get objective analysis and opinion of important men through newspapers. However, sometimes they tend to sensationalize news to gain popularity. That type of journalism is called yellow Press. One must be beware of such stories and features in the newspaper.

MY MOTHER: Essay Topics


My mother is a kind lady. She is very good in her behaviour. Everybody in the family likes her. She has many qualities of head and heart. She is highly educated and intelligent. She is very hard-working, kind, caring and loving. Her love for us has no limits.

She is a housewife ad ever busy. She gets up earlier than others and goes to bed last of all. She cooks food, washes our clothes, look after our every need and comfort. She enjoys serving us. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her and help her in her work in my own humble way.

Her love and care are great sources of inspiration to me. They help me in keeping good health and are cheerful. It is because of her that I am so good at studies. If I am ill, she would leave no stone unturned to look after me till I get well and healthy. She prepares many delicious dishes for us. We can never forget her service and sacrifices. She is really great, wonderful, loving and kind. Nothing is as great as my mother. It has been rightly said that God could not be everywhere and therefore, he made mothers.

Nobody can ever repay the kindness of his/her mother. She is the first teacher or ‘guru’ of the child. Behind every great deed of man there is a mother. There would have been no Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Lincoln, the Buddha if there were no mothers.

If my mother falls ill, there is disorder in the house. Everybody is then ill at ease. It is like a disaster for all of us. We always pray for her health and happiness. My mother is really a jewel.



The best way to spend our free time is to have some hobby. We need time to relax and recreate after day’s work. There are different hobbies. Stamp-collecting, book reading, gardening, hunting swimming, and reading are the some of them. Different persons adopt different works to pass free time. But my hobby is stamping-collecting.

I have a stamp-album in which I have pasted all the foreign stamps I have been able to collect. It is really a nice collection. I have many stamps from different countries like Russia, Japan, Turkey, and the U.S.A Egypt, the U.A.E., Britain and China. I have also rare stamps which are issued in Afghanistan when it became a republic and also the stamp of Diana when her first birthday after her death.

How pretty they are! How much I like to enjoy the picture of natural scenery, crowns, arms, shields, brave knights and lovely ladies printed on these stamps! Stamps- collecting is really a very enjoyable and instructive hobby. It gives me great pleasure.

It is necessary that everybody must have some hobby. It educates man, gives him pleasure, and helps him to utilize his free time fruitfully. If a person has no hobby, his spare time will turn him into a useless, irritated and restless person. “An idle mind is a devils workshop”. It is, therefore, essential to remain busy even in leisure hours. Hobbies always come to one’s help. Every ones should have a hobby, in which he will use his spare time in a creative manner.

Essay writing Topics on MY COUNTRY


India is my country. It is my motherland. It lies in South Asia. It is very vast country. It is land of ninety-eight crore people. It is the land of Shiva and Krishna, Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. My country is the biggest democracy in the world. It has oldest civilization in the world. It is a rich country. It has many natural resources like forest, mines, rivers, animals etc. India’s soil is a very fertile. Therefore it is the largest wheat producer in the world.

In literature and science it has produced many famous persons like Rabindranath Tagore, Prem Chand, Sart Chandra, C.V. Raman, Homi Jahangir Bhaba, Jagdish Chandra Bose and Dr. Abdul Kalam.

India is the land of villages and fields. Its fields are fed by the Migty Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Naramada and Kaveri. The Ganga valley is the most fertile region of our land. The oceans that guard her coasts on three sides and the mighty Himalayas on the north have given my country natural frontiers from all sides.

India is a secular state and various religious bloom here without hindrances. We have inherited our culture through the centuries. There is unity in diversity. We speak many languages, worship many gods and yet we have the same spirit, the spirit of India, running the country, binding us together.

 India has many tourist places. The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur, Sikri, The Qutab Minar, Red Fort, Gateway of India, Hawaii Mahal, Rock garden in Chandigarh, Cittor garh, Mysore are a few of many wonders which attract people from all over the world.

Kashmir is very rich in its natural beauty. Kashmir has been described as a paradise on the earth. The country of valleys, rivers and lakes, mountains is a fit abode for gods. Ooty, Nilgiris Hills, Shimla, and the temples of South India, as also Khajurho, Ajanta and Ellora caves are the places one can boast of. It is the land of my dreams. I love my country much.



Ambition is the very basis of man’s success. Without any kind of ambition, a man is incapable of achieving anything. In reality, it is the ambition of a man that leads him to the heights of success. Man’s ambition has been responsible for the creation of great civilization, cultures and scientific achievements.

Carlyle said: “know your work and do it”. Truly we have to know first our target in life. But I don’t have an ambition that is beyond reach. I am very practical. I have, therefore, decided to become an electrical engineer. It is an age of electronics. There is great scope in our country for electronic development. I can get loan from bank. I would start my own industry to produce electronic items. I would employ many persons. Thus I would help solve the unemployment problem. I would manufacture new electronic items of top quality. Thus I would become a useful citizen of my country.