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Proverb Expansion  GREAT OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW Compared to the big oak tree the acorn is a very small seed. But the seed when matured grows into huge tree in course of time. If we study the history of many of the big business in the world, we can see that they all grew up from small and humble beginnings. The proverb has another meaning too, many of the richest men in the world had a humble beginning in life. With hard and sincere efforts, they earned the posi­tion and status.


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Proverb Expansion GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELPS THEMSELVES God will help only those who are willing to help themselves. In other words, we should put in our own effort in all our activities in addition to our prayers. If we get into a dangerous situation and do nothing believing that God will miraculously get us out of it, we will be frustrated. In fact, miracles rarely happen. Once a man believed that “God will help him in times of trouble got drowned”. While drowning he found a branch of a tree on the bank and a log floating nearby. He could have caught hold of it and kept himself afloat. But he did not do so. Later, a man with a boat came to him and asked him to get into the boat. But the drowning man refused the offer saying that God would help him. He dead and was taken to heaven. When his soul met God in heaven he complained to God that inspite of being a firm believer God did not help him. God smiled and asked the man, “Who said I didn’t help you? I tried to help you thrice by offering you the branch, the log and the boat. But you refused it all....
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Proverb Expansion FORBIDDEN FRUIT IS THE SWEETEST Forbidden things arouse curiosity. If somebody forbids us to do something, our curiosity will increase. We will wonder why we are forbidden to do it. Everyone knows that drugs are harmful. One may get addicted if he tries it. But knowing all this, adventurous youngsters try them at the risk of getting addicted. If a child is forbidden to go and look down from the edge of a high rise building, he will try to look down from the cliff at the first chance he gets. He wants to see what is over the other side of the cliff. This proverb is taken from the story in I the Bible which narrates the incident when Adam and Eve ate the for-bidden fruit.


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Proverb Expansion FINE FEATHERS MAKE FINE BIRDS We usually call a bird beautiful if its features are attractive. Some birds have highly coloured and attractive features. Parrots are beautiful with their greenish body and red beaks. Blue lark looks extremely beau­tiful with its blue feathers. Similarly, a person may be more impressive if he wears fine clothes. He may not be clever or impressive actually. But his clothes and appearance deceive us. At first sight, he creates an impression on us and this impression influences in our dealings with him also. If a person who has enough merit dresses himself smartly, he will be able to impress others much more easily than otherwise. This impression will last. Remember, smart appearance makes the best im­pression.


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Proverb Expansion EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS IS NOBODY’S BUSINESS If a piece of work is entrusted to a single person, he will carry it out sincerely. But if it is given to a group of people, it will be found that the work is not completed properly. As many people are responsible for the work, nobody takes much interest in it. Even if they do it, they would not put in serious effort as the credit is to be shared among many. Besides, all of them will think that others might do the work. If all those who are responsible think so, no work will be done. It is natural for people to be lazy and shirk off responsibilities if given chance. A joint venture offers this chance. On the other hand, one will not be able to shirk off the work, if it is entrusted to him alone. It is clear that the success or failure of the enterprise depends solely on him. At the same time, if he fails he alone must take the blame. This makes the person to put in serious effort in his work.


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Proverb Expansion EVERY HORSE THINKS ITS OWN PACK THE HEAVIEST Load carrying horses are concerned only with load it carries. It does not think about the load other horses carry. That is why it feels that it has got the heaviest load. Similarly, people also think that their sorrows are greater than others. Such people do not think or care about the work and sorrows of others. Instead of complaining over their sorrows and work, if they try to understand the position others are in, their own sorrows will lessen automatically and their work will seem lighter. On the contrary, if they complain over their work and sorrow, it will increase and such people will become all the more unhappy. If we are afflicted by some painful diseases, we should remember that thefe are other people who suffer from more dreadful diseases. Such thought will automatically reduce our pain.

English Proverbs – EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY

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Proverb Expansion EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY Nobody can be permanently unlucky. One who is poor today may be rich tomorrow. It is wrong to think that a poor man will always remain poor. Similarly, a man who is rich today can lose all his fortune tomorrow. Fortune and misfortune are only two sides of life just as happiness and sorrow. If we remember this rule, we will not be too proud or boastful about ourselves. Nobody can be counted out just be­cause he is poor and helpless. Fate will help everyone sometime or other. There is no reason to get dejected at all. Good things are bound to come sometime or other. Meanwhile being disheartened does not help us to enjoy those good things. In short, we should be ambitious and proud of what we have without being greedy. At the same time, we should not get dejected with bad luck because it is bound to change sometime or other as every dog has his day.


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Proverb Expansion DISCONTENT IS THE FIRST STEP IN PROGRESS Greed is always undesirable. But to be ambitious is good. By ambi­tion, we mean that one should/riot be contented with the progress he has made in life. Man should always try for more and more progress. In the past, people used to walk long distances for their needs. Soon they found out that it took up much of their time and energy. So they tried to find out an alternative for walking. Thus wheeled carts were devised. When they were discontented with carts, they developed motor cars. Thus in every field of life true progress has been made by the sheer discontentment of some people in the things around them. This kind of healthy discontentment brings about more and more discoveries.


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Proverb Expansion DEATH IS THE GREAT LEVELER Different kinds of people live among us. There are good as well as bad, happy and unhappy, rich and poor people. Once we are dead all must certainly refuses to dust. It comes to claim us all one day or the other. Death has no distinction. It could be called the great leveler, i.e. one that levels all distinctions. There is no way by which we can pre­vent or postpone death. All get defeated by death. All riches and fame that we amass in this world should be left here when we die. Remem­ber that death makes all of us equal. So treat our fellow beings as equals and be kind and loving towards them.


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Proverb Expansion CUT YOUR CLOTH ACCORDING TO YOUR COAT If a coat is to be stitched properly, we should get the cloth cut in the required measurement. In short, we should cut the cloth in the proper way to make the coat. A big coat if we cut the pieces small, we won’t be able to make a coat of the right size. The pieces we cut can greatly affect the coat we want to make. We should balance our income and expenditure in the right way in order to make both ends meet. The expenditure should never exceed income. If the finances are not man-aged wisely we will be put into debts and difficulties. The proper bal­ancing of income and expenditure is actually wise economy.


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Proverb Expansion CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME People are often reluctant to help others. Helping others is a rare and good quality. Charity is the willingness to help others. There are people who help their nearest and dearest only. There are others who spend huge sums of money on charitable institutions but pay no atten­tion to their poor relatives. They want to impress others by donating large sums, but have no heart for those who really suffer. A truly chari­table person should help those who are actually in need. To posses such an unselfish loving heart, one should first learn to love his breth­ren. To cultivate charitable habits, start loving one’s kith and kin. Also do the maximum to those outside the family. Such a person can love and sympathize with all those who deserve it.

English Proverbs -CALL A SPADE A SPADE

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Proverb Expansion CALL A SPADE A SPADE Some people use long and round about expressions while speak­ing. This makes the audience confused If one is to express his ideas clearly, he should make his speech plain and simple. Such speeches attract listeners. The best speaker is he who puts his ideas in plain lan­guage. We should call a spade when we see one. Instead of that if we try to call it something else, our speech losses its honesty. Such speech is harmful in our dealings with others. It makes others think that we are cowards and dishonest. Good people always appreciate plain and straight forward speech. One who speaks such a way is always respected by others.


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Proverb Expansion  A FAULT CONFESSED IS HALF REDRESSED It is quite natural of human being to commit mistakes. There is nobody who has not committed any mistake. But once we know that we have done something wrong, we should be ready to admit it. Ad­mitting or confessing a fault means that we are prepared to correct it. Without being able to admit a fault, it is impossible to correct it. So, the first step in correcting a fault is to confess it. People respect and appre­ciate those who are willing to admit their faults. This fact makes the proverb; a fault confessed is half redressed true to a good extent.


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Proverb Expansion A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED Money is an important thing in the world. It can buy many com­forts. It earns us respect. People respect the person who is wealthy and powerful, while nobody pays attention to a beggar. Money is safe in the hands of a wise man. He invests it in profitable ventures that will bring him more money. Once a wise man gets wealthy, he stays wealthy. But it is different with a fool. If a foolish man gets wealthy, somehow or other, he spends it without investing in anything profitable. This proves that money will not remain with him for long. Even if he doesn’t spend too much, he is found to make unwise investments which may make him lose his money.


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Proverb Expansion A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS Moss gathers on a stone that is stationary but not on one that is always on the move. Similarly persons who are always changing from one occupation to another can never prosper. They simply waste their time and energy. They lose the power of serious application to any­thing. The result is failure in life. A person who sticks to one thing, inspite of initial difficulties, is sure to succeed in the end. He may fail once or twice or even repeatedly. But he continues the effort and prof­its by the experience gained. Success in one thing gives him greater confidence and enables him to win success in other things also. Of course, we must think wisely, before a piece of work is taken up. Once the choice is made we are to stick to it with patience, perseverance and firm determination.