Jose John August 31, 2015 No Comments


A woman is the companion of man gifted with equal mental capacities. She has a right to participate in every detail in activities of man and she has an equal right of freedom and liberty. However, this is not possible without education. If a woman is uneducated, the angles of darkness govern her life. Someone has rightly said, “Educating women is empowering women”. Education is the best weapon in the hands of women to fight poverty, social oppression, financial dependence, chronic health problems, superstitions and blind faith, ignorance and apathy. Only education can open the windows of a woman’s mind and bring in her the fresh breeze of ideas, thoughts and self-awareness. An educated woman proves to be a better daughter, a better wife, a better mother and, of course, a better daughter-in law than an uneducated one. An educated woman of today is economically independent. She can look after her home and family in a more efficient way. She is more conscious about health, hygiene, food and nourishment. The children of educated women have proved to excel in every field. For women of today education is “a mean as well as an end”. It is through educating women that socio-cultural development of our nation can be brought about.