Jose John May 6, 2015 No Comments

Proverb Expansion

The proverb tells us that it is useless to brood over what has happened. The expression says that it is no use crying over spilt milk. Once we split the milk on the floor, we will not able to drink it any more. Once it is spilt, we can’t reproduce it. It is of no use cry over the lost milk because cannot retrieve it.  We could have done a thing at a proper time in life. We might have lost many things in life too. What is the use of crying over such things? So the best thing for us is to learn from our past mistakes so that we will not repeat them. We should be very careful to do things at the right time. When we develop good habits, we won’t lose our wealth, time and energy. When we act negligently, we lose many things. Then there is no use to worry about the loss. One’s life-span is very short. So it is better to make use of the present time and opportunities than to cry over the past.