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Proverb Expansion


Empty-headed people are often talkative. But their utterances are meaningless. They try to talk much to prove what they are at. They cannot impress their listeners and even confuse them. But a learned person talks much less. He talks to the point and also at the apt time. A person who knows a subject well need not prove that he knows. Most talking is boasting about one’s knowledge. People who know something about many things, and people with vague ideas, babble. They give unnecessary explanations and in the end they themselves get confused. A person who knows his subject talks with ease and brevity. The less he talks, the more his listeners understand. Only a person who is thorough with a subject can talk like that. People who have no idea of what they are saying do not talk anything worthwhile. The balance and composure of the learned and knowledgeable bear testimony to their self confidence. Empty headed people talk out their emptiness with the belief that the listeners accept their views without any objection. In fact, their listeners have only sympathy for them. People who are wise do not try to demonstrate their knowledge. They know things well, but talk less.