Jose John August 31, 2015 No Comments


Electricity is one of the boons of the modern times. With the advent of this source of power, the dependence of people on it has become so great that the people feel miserable if electricity fails or if there is any disruption in power supply. For most of our needs, we depend on the electricity. Without it we feel as a fish feels without water. Any failure of electricity or disruption in its supply results in great losses and causes great discomfort. The production in industries suffers. Electric trains come to a sudden halt. Water system breaks down. Fans and tube-wells do not work. A cooler, air conditioner etc fails. During summer season even a short failure of power disrupts the whole life. If it fails during the night, people spend sleepless nights. Students cannot prepare their lessons. As a result, their studies are hampered. Thus, life becomes miserable without electricity.