Jose John August 12, 2015 No Comments


Off and on, I had read about a bank robbery in the newspaper, but one day I happened to see a bank robbery with my own eyes. I had gone to a branch of Punjab National Bank, in the market of our colony. I had to get a cheque encashed. I was at the bank counter and my cheque was under process of payment. I was watching the functioning of the bank when three well looking persons entered the bank. They at once closed the gate behind them and took out revolvers. They asked all the customers and the bank workers to stand with their hands up. One of the three persons, stood at the door of the manager’s room. The two others filled their bags with the money from the cashier counter. Then they went to the lockers and emptied the lockers into their bags. They had wounded the guards and gagged them. Everyone present in the bank was horrified. I was transfixed with fear. They were about to escape safely but the nearby shopkeepers had sensed the danger and informed the police. The police arrived as they were leaving. They tried to fight the police. But they were trapped. They tried to run away but the police caught them and arrested the three robbers just outside the gate of the bank.