Jose John August 31, 2015 No Comments


Discipline means orderly or controlled behaviour. It inculcates in us a sense of duty. It is a training of mind and character. It aims at producing self-control, obedience, etc. It implies submission to orders or to rules. Discipline is necessary not only in schools and colleges but in all walks of life. Great people have led a disciplines life. Mahatma Gandhi led such a disciplined life. Nothing can be attained without discipline. We have to learn to discipline or senses, our habits, our passions etc. Absence of discipline will lead to chaos and confusion in life. There will be no happiness in family if its members are not disciplined. Unchecked freedom brings anarchy. It is absolutely essential to the growth and development of an individual and a healthy society. It must be taught early in life. The home is the first place where a child learns the basics of discipline. A child who is given unchecked freedom becomes wayward. Discipline in schools and colleges are a must. Students breaking discipline have to be punished. Otherwise they will be setting a bad example to other students. Discipline is a must for a soldier. In army, a little discipline may lead to defeat and death. Discipline is equally important in the political, social and economic life of a nation. Only a nation with citizens can rise to greatness. Hence discipline is an essential quality that should be inculcated in every citizen of society.