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The Words Worth’s statement perhaps means that the qualities exhibited by a child will depended appear in a marked from when the child grows up in to a man. By observing and studying the behaviour, the inclinations, the performances, the prejudices and the tendencies of child we can form an idea as to what sort of man we will develop in to. One’s childhood, therefore may be taken as forming the asis of one’s manhood. It is in this sense that the child has been called the father of man.

The statement carries much sense. The biographies of several great man shows that their character and achievement had appeared in the early childhood. An average child with no remarkable qualities will rarely develop in to a remarkable man but a child with striking qualities will grow in to one. Napoleon in his childhood used to play fighting and had great enthusiasm for mock warfare later he distinguished himself as one of the greatest military genius of the world. Florence Nightingale early in her life, indications of her future course of life. David Havingstone used to play exploring when he was still a boy. Eventually he became one of the greatest explorers of the world Clive and Neon gave evidence in their boyhood of qualities which characterized them later as man. Examples are many.

It seems that the statement is true. Sometimes, no doubt, inborn talent may be suppressed through total neglect or misdirected training. Then the child may not get opportunity to develop its natural bent of mind. But in the long run, native talent or aptitude for a particular work will definitely emerge and the man will achieve distinction in sphere to which is properly belongs. The parents should carefully watch the child and not his learning’s and help him grow his natural bent of mind and temperament.

Essay writing on advertisments



Modern life is a very complex one. So man has discovered many means to survive. There are many manufactures that produce essential goods. So it become necessary for them to keep the purchaser well informs. These makers do it through advertisement. It is a modern art to reach the prospective buyers. Today advertisement plays a vital role in our daily life. This art is based on the principle of human psychology. Needs and wants are the guiding factors. So, the businessmen adopt such methods in order to attract the customers to his product. The advertiser also tries to create demand for the products there exists none. Actually what we see is that good advertisements are the matured and ripe fruits of some clever thinking done by very sound and crafty brains. If the articles are advertised again and again in the catching and tasteful manner, it becomes very difficult to check temptation to buy it.

There are many uses or advantages of advertisement. It is a very effective means of publicity and propaganda; we can get all the necessary information needed by us from the advertisement column of a newspaper. Advertisement can be done through many agencies. News paper is one of them. Other means are Radio, T.V. and hand bills. Another very important use of advertisement is that it helps in stabilizing production, keeping the standard of quality and preventing the fluctuation in prices. It has also helped in promoting trade and in creating demand. It has become a necessity in the age of science and technology.

But there is another side of it also. Some crafty people try to cheat the purchaser through media. It rather becomes very difficult for a purchaser to discriminate between the genuine and spurious goods. It is a pity that in such a case the general public has to suffer even then nobody can deny the usefulness of this media. Some common medicines have become a house hold name through advertisement alone. Hence it becomes essential for the Govt, to keep an eye on this powerful media so that undue abuse may not be presented by undesirable tradesman.

Essay on character building



The word character when used it is generally attributed to an individual only, but it is not so, as-the word is equally applicable to a social group or a nation. A set of distinctive personal qualities found in an individual constitutes the character of that particular person and the something applies to a nation or social groups.

The word character is generally used to indicate good character only. Each one of us possesses character – either good or bad as there are several hues and shades of character ranging from highest good to extreme bad. Except a few individuals who are either highly noble for extremely bad rest of the human beings fall in between these two ends. For example, Lord Ram stands on supreme good and whereas Ravana stands on the extreme bad end.

Character to a certain extent is hereditary but it is built by acquiring a long list of virtues. The qualities like morality and discipline, honesty and integrity will power and courage, chastity and loyalty, sacrifice and self respect, kindness and truthfulness go a long way in building up a noble character. Practice of morality is a must for developing a good character because it teaches a person to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong. Another important virtue is discipline. Discipline breeds character. A person of high morality always practices truth and justice. Such qualities develop self- respect and strong will power; these qualities contribute for the development of good character.

Character building is a continuous process, so it is not possible to built character of a person in a single day. It should be built step by adding one virtue to another.

Character-building should start from childhood, follies like stealing, lying and bullying should be checked and if necessary should be stopped by punishment, among children.

Also good habits like wearing neat and tidy dress, maintaining good health and clean life help in the development of good character. Character always depends on the quality of thought that one holds in the mind. So a sound character can be built by those who live in the company of wise and noble men. Young boys should imitate for truthfulness – Raja Harichandra and for supreme sacrifice emperor Shibi chivalry they can learn from “Arjuna” the son of Kunti. They should learn from our historical heroes-Shivaji and Maharana Pratap’s nobility, courage and bravery in building up their character.

A man of character always finds a place importance in society. He is liked by all. A good character provides reputation and personal charisma. A man of character endears everybody. As the fragrance of a flower envelops the whole garden in which it is bloomed. So also the greatness and frame of a person with character spread, far and wide. Socrates was an ugly person but of sterling character. He was liked by all none were repelled by his ugliness but all were attracted by his good character.

ATOMIC ENERGY: Essay Writing


Until World War II, the world was familiar with only mechanical, chemical, acoustic, thermal, optic magnetic and electrical form of energy. But on a fateful day in 1945 when the US explode atom bomb over Hiroshima, the world got aware of the nuclear energy.

How exactly is energy got from the atom? The atom is the tiniest speck of matter. Each atom has a central core called the nucleus, around which revolve the electrons. The nucleus is built up of two kinds of very minute particles called protons and neutrons. The electron has a negative electrical charge, the proton has an equal positive charge and the neutron has no charge.

The nucleus of the radium atom constantly disintegrates ejecting alpha particles which are nuclei of helium atoms. This phenomenon is called radioactivity. Uranium is another radioactive element. In 1938 Hahn and Strassman bombarded uranium with neutrons and found traces of barium in the material

This led the discovery that some of the uranium atoms capture a bombarding neutron and get split in to two nearly equal parts. This splitting is called nuclear Fission. At the same time two or three neutrons are let free in this reaction

These go on splitting other Uranium atoms and release neutrons. This is called a chain reaction and in its wake, enormous amount of heat and gamma rays, which are x-rays of very short wave length and great penetrating power, are released.

This knowledge was utilized in the preparation of atom bomb. Such a weapon had become imperative in view of the mounting supremacy of the Germans and the Japanese in the World War II. After three years of intensive work atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki knocked out the striking power of the enemies and brought the war to a speedy end. The two cities were completely destroyed with great loss of life. Such was the destructive power of the atom bombs. The energy needed was derived from nuclear fission.

The bomb demonstrated that the nuclear fission provided a new and powerful source of energy and that it might be put to peaceful uses as well. In agriculture, atomic energy is used in this shape of radioactive tractors used in researches for finding the best type of fertilizers for plants. In medicine radio isotopes of iodine are used, for diagnosing brain tumors. Other radioactive isotopes are used for the cure of the human ailments – in the treatment of cancer radio gold, radio iodine and radio cobalt, etc are used. In industry radio isotopes are used for measuring the thickness of paper, rubber, textile and metallic sheets, for the defection of hidden flaws in castings, for the detection of flow and separation of liquids.

Nuclear energy is used vastly in the development of atomic power thickness when the supplies of coal and oil are running low, the development of atomic power is a welcome achievement. Nuclear energy offers a new source of cheap fuel for the production of power. The first step in the production in atomic power is the setting up of atomic


Essay on foreign products in India



We Indians are madly after anything foreign-dress manners-food-education and what not. Indian music considered to be inferior to disco and jazz. The feminize shyness has been replaced by the blunt talks and staring of the ladies. Speaking a foreign language has become a fashion. The young like to work as labourers in America instead of taking up a good job within their own country. To feed guests, we go to mod restaurants where look boys and girls in jeans sway and scream around a mike while the band blames rock music. The more discordant the music the more happy the guests are. The guests jump about on the dance floor, their hearts throb widely, and their bodies jerk excitedly to the ciang and bang of jet set music.

The imported crystal chandeliers and gilded furniture are some objects which decorate our houses and restaurants. The restaurants must have a bewitching singer who may wear a skiing tight, strapless flashy gown or a provocative waistcoat or baggy harem trousers looking like a Persian prince or a mod American.

Some celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chinese style in a restaurant – that has for its name the title of a song from an old Holly Wood movie. The menu includes Chinese, Japanese, and Iranian and American delicacies. People want hotels to organize Mexican. Swiss and French nights. The decorations, the music and even the chefs are imported. The furniture, decoration, household articles in the houses is imported. The models of the houses are American or western. Toys that children used in the houses for play were imported.

Craze for the foreign things is not in the larger interests of the country. We became the slaves of foreign manners and foreign habits. We cannot be moulded according to the foreign culture. A craze for foreign foods will discourage our industrialists.