Jose John April 30, 2015 No Comments
AN IDEAL TEACHER Teachers are here, teachers are there. But A friendly teacher is very rare. Most of the teachers today are no good. They think of their job in terms of money and do not have the welfare of the students and the nation at heart. But all the teachers are not just rotten and fit for the dust like yesteryear’s dry leaves. Here and there are exceptions. Now and then we have capital examples of teachers who need to be worshipped. An ideal teacher is as rare as a dodo. He is a near impossibility in these days of getting rich quickly. The teachers like other professionals are in the system and want to make as much money as possible and as quickly as they can do it. That puts idealism out of action. The flame dies for want of oil. It never gets a fair chance to live and lighten the world. An ideal teacher pursues his job with a spirit of devotion and dedication. He understands the students and the students understand him. He is a builder of the nation and the architect of nation’s destiny. He has a thorough knowledge of his books with love and labour. With labour and love he teaches his...
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