Jose John August 2, 2015 No Comments
A TRIP TO A HILL STATION It is very hot during summer season. So normally, people like to go to a hill station. During summer vacation, I went to Kashmir along with my parents. Kashmir is a heaven on earth. It is wonderful land. We reached Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, by air. Then we went to Chandan Wari. We enjoyed peace in the lap of nature. It was really a very beautiful sight. Then we visited the Shalimar and Nishat Gardens. There were grassy lawns and beautiful beds of flowers. There were many fountains and fruit trees. We also enjoyed the beauty of the Dal Lake. We saw floating gardens there. We stayed in a houseboat and took rides in shikaras. We also visited many springs. The water of these springs is very good for health. Then we visited Pahalgam. It is a nice camping ground. It is surrounded by the hills on all sides. We had snaps of the snow-covered peaks. We stayed there for a month. Very reluctantly, we came back to Delhi. The beauty of Kashmir is still fresh in my mind.


Jose John March 6, 2015 No Comments
A VISIT TO A HILL STATION It is always refreshing to visit a hill station. It is more so in summer when it is unbearably hot and sultry in the plains. In the months of May and June the mercury soars to the highest points of temperature. It is during these days that schools and colleges are closed and there is vacation. But only well-off and rich people can afford to visit hill stations regularly. Hill stations are crowded in summer by the people from the cities in the plains, especially by the people belonging to the creamy layers of the society. I have visited a couple of hill stations. I enjoy the beauty of mountains, loveliness of nature and grandeur of rivers and waterfalls at such places. In the lap of nature, far from the madding crowd and pollution of the cities, a visit to a hill station is a great boon and blessing. India is a sub-continent and very large. It is also rich in so many things including many famous hill stations. Last summer I had a golden opportunity to visit Ootacamund, popularly called as Ooty. Located in the Nilgiri or Blue Hills of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the best hill stations of the...
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