Jose John March 30, 2016 No Comments
A VISIT TO A HISTORICAL PLACE There are numerous historical places in India very much worthy of a visit. It is important that every student should visit some of them because these are of much educational and historical value. History becomes living and lively when you visit a historical place. The places of greatest historical value in Delhi and of wide interest to the students and common people alike are the Qutub Minar and the Red Fort. One who has not seen the Qutub Minar and the Red Fort in Delhi cannot be said to have seen Delhi at all. Last Sunday, the Principal of our school arranged a special trip for the senior students to visit the Red Fort. Many of them had already seen the Red Fort but the Principal desired that they should see it again for better knowledge under proper guidance. A special bus was hired for the purpose and all students of the class 10th were invited to join the trip. We all reached the school punctually where a special bus was ready to take us to the Red Fort. We reached the Red Fort at ten in the morning and the teacher-in-charge of the trip, who was a teacher of history, bought tickets...
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