Short Essay Writing Topics on BEAUTIES OF NATURE

Jose John May 28, 2015 No Comments
BEAUTIES OF NATURE Mother Nature provides us the biggest and brightest, the largest and the loveliest beauties. Everything in nature is marvelous. Look at lilies, roses, butterflies and birds! How beautifully they are dressed. Nothing can compare with the glory of the sunrise and the sunset. It is scene that holds a man spell bound for hours. Every time of the day and every season of the year provide new pleasures and new enjoyments. The scene is quite different in summer from what it is in winter. As Shelley said, “If winter comes can spring be far behind?” in winter it is all cold, icy and snowy. In spring the scenario changes. In summer the landscape becomes quite the contrary. Instead of the boiling tea we prefer the ice cold water. Of all the scenes in nature, I think the one of moonlight is the best. Everything wears a peculiar softness and we miss the harshness of the daylight. It is a time to think, to contemplate, and to make love and romance. The parks and gardens, sea-sides and mountains sides are full of lovers and those are lonely and find nobody worthy of their love. A walk in the moonlight is truly a great experience. It provides a...
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