Essay on The Filmy City

Jose John March 4, 2015 No Comments
The Filmy City For a country which breathes on its films and worships its heroes and heroines, the film city is the greatest tribute. Everything inside the city has a filmy touch, be it the fabulous shows or the thematic buildings. Designed and created by world-class professionals and experts, it holds the Guinness record for the largest film city in the world. The city houses almost every location for a movie beginning with exquisite gardens to railway station, airport and even a jail. Even better, it houses theme parks, a variety of thematic restaurants and everything you need for a complete family vacation. Located at an hour’s drive from Hyderabad city the place reinvents the word ‘entertainment’ to the millions of visitors. Although catering to a wide variety of tourists, the Ramoji Film City can be considered as a perfect place to unwind with your family. Eureka is the place where one begins the tour. A huge crowd had already gathered in front of the gates waiting for the gates of fort to open marking the beginning of the day’s celebrations. Various mascots entertained the visitors. The gates slowly opened and a number of artists appeared performing a welcome song and dance program in front of an awestruck crowd....
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