Jose John October 17, 2015 No Comments
ADVERTISEMENT We are living in the age of advertisements. Wherever we cast glance we see around us advertisements. It plays an important role in the modern world of trade and business. Even the smallest or the biggest traders use the techniques to advertise their goods and commodities. Nowadays our world has become very competitive. Everybody wants to be number one in the race of competition. So it proves to be very helpful to traders and businessmen. Employment column is very helpful to unemployed boys and girls. Matrimonial advertisement also serves the purpose of marriage of the children of parents. Advertisement of missing goods and persons, plots and shops to let or on sale and tutors for children are all very useful and informative. Advertisement has become necessary in every walk of life. Some years ago we used to see these advertisements in the newspapers, cinema-halls, on the walls of the public places and in the magazines, but nowadays TV has made them most important. All the big businessmen are spending money on them very lavishly. Radio sets and transistors are also playing very important role in an advertising the goods. We see big posters and signboards on the crossings of the roads, at railway station and on the walls...
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