Jose John March 2, 2015 No Comments
CO-EDUCATION Co-education means no separate schools for boys and girls. Under this system of education, there is no segregation on sex-basis. Boys and girls are imparted the same training and education in the same school, under the same staff of teachers. Thus, it brings boys and girls together at very early stage. In India, co-education has been quite new. In majority of cases there are still separate schools for boys and girls. It is only in cities and big towns that there are a good number of co-educational schools, colleges and training institutions. In western countries, it has been there for the last so many years. In India too, it would be soon popular because of many advantages it offers. Switzerland was the first European country to adopt it. In the U.S.A. co-education is found almost on all levels and in all institutions. Co-education is quite economical. As it dispenses with separate schools and staff for boys and girls, a lot of savings can be made. A developing country like India can’t afford separate schools and staff if the targets of universal and compulsory education, quality  improvement etc., are to be achieved. Co-education creates better understandings among boys and girls. Ultimately they are bound to live together as husbands...
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