Essay Writing Topics on COMPUTERS

Jose John March 7, 2015 No Comments
COMPUTERS Modern science has given us many wonderful gifts. These have almost revolutionized human life. Consequently, life has become more efficient, easy, convenient, fast and comfortable. The invention of computer and its further development is one of these most marvelous gifts of modern science. A computer can be defined as a machine which stores information, data etc., on magnetic tapes, analyses and retrieves the same instantly when required. Thus, it has helped us in overcoming many difficult problems of multiple calculations, data processing, recordkeeping, scientific analyzing etc. as far as storage of information and calculation of data are concerned it has surpassed common human mind. The speed, accuracy, reliability and capacity of a modern computer are really astounding. In short, a computer is a fantastic machine. Now, the use of computers is in every field of life. It has entered almost all our activities. Their use and application in various services, departments, business establishments, defence services, railways, communication etc., have become a must. They have become part and parcel of schools and education system as well. In defence, they help radars, missile and rocket launching, automatic flights, data analysis, forecasting etc. It has revolutionized the business activities. A manager now can depend on it for many of his activities...
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