Essay Writing Topics on SATELLITE T.V.

Jose John March 24, 2015 No Comments
SATELLITE T.V. Life without entertainment is monotonous and dull. In order to remove the drudgery, boredom and dullness from life we need recreation. The modern methods like radio, transistor and T.V. provide a variety programmes, Satellite T.V. is one of them. Satellite T.V. is a system in which signals are sent along the wires to the T.V. sets attached to the different houses after they have been transmitted to a central receiver. One can see virtual air invasion in the modern age of television media. We have MTV Zee TV, Star TV, B.B.C TV, sports TV etc. and with special access to a special antenna i.e. dish antenna either directly or via a cable operator. In this TV, a three meter dish antenna is wired to several hundred household with a monthly fee of Rs.300-400 depending upon the locality you live in. the popular programmes are thus relayed via communication satellites which is caught by adjustment through the dish of the antenna. In this way one can enjoy the programmes based on entertainment, science, education, sports, general knowledge, hot news etc. round the clock. The latest revolution in Satellite TV is DTH (Direct to Home) services in which signals are received direct from satellite to a small dish installed...
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