PHYSICAL FITNESS: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John March 9, 2015 No Comments
PHYSICAL FITNESS “Health is wealth” and “Health is better than wealth” are well-known and often repeated sayings. These underline a vital fact of life. Without good health nothing is of much use. It any sensible person is asked what he would prefer, health or wealth? He would immediately answer ‘health’. Without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and a tasteless thing. Those who are sick, ill or weak in health are found dejected, nervous, hopeless and without any zest for life and its activities. He who has health and a fit body has hope, inspiration and so everything in life.  Health goes far, even farther than wealth and any other thing in life. It is a sure key to success. Without physical fitness and good health nothing good or substantial can be achieved. Only the healthy citizens and men and women make a healthy and happy nation. Only healthy people can work hopefully, steadily, constantly and at their best, to achieve better and better results. Again, it is only a healthy man or woman who can desire and strive for perfection. Weak men can never make good citizens, leaders, businessmen, soldiers or a brave people. Healthy minds reside in healthy bodies. Men and women indifferent...
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