Jose John May 28, 2015 No Comments
PLEASURES OF READING Pleasures of reading are pleasures of ever. One who enjoys pleasures of reading needs no other pleasures. One who is the friend of books needs no other friend. Books are our nearest and dearest friend. They are our kith and kin. We can depend upon books for the right advice at all times and climbs of life. There is nothing superior to the pleasure of reading, whether a person is young or old. Milton said, “A book is a bloodless substitute of a man”. That means a book is a full friend only it has no body and bones. But has brains. It can give you the best and the brightest piece of an advice under any difficult circumstance. As another poet said: My days among the dead are past, Around me I behold, Whenever these casual eyes are cast, The rightly minds of old; My never-failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day. To a truly educated man, books provide the greatest of pleasures. Unfortunately, most of the people today are not properly educated. They are just literate, not educated. They have no love for books. They begin to hate books after they get through the examinations, by hook or by crook,...
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