Jose John March 23, 2015 No Comments
BLESSINGS OF SCIENCE Science is the greatest servant of man today. It is the Alladin’s Lamp and it hides a Jinn who does everything for the people. Whatever you say to the Jinn of science to do, it can do it at once and without delay. We are living in the age of science. Without science we would have none of modern comforts and luxuries. Science has changed the complexion of the world. It has greatly added to human comfort. It has come to the help of man in every sphere of life. Science has made human life comfortable and quite worth living. In winter we have heaters and in summer we have coolers. Refrigerators, cars and gas stoves have brought the benefits and blessings of science to the door of even the common men and women. Houses now have not only fans but even air conditioners. They make you enjoy winter during burning summer and feel cozy when it is freezing winter. Science has relieved the housewife of much of her toil. Scientific gadgets cook meals, wash dishes and even clean clothes. There are vacuum cleaners which sweep the house better than any sweeper can do. Refrigerator preserves food and save it from being rotten. You can eat...
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