Essay Topics on ADVERTISING

Jose John March 13, 2015 No Comments
ADVERTISING This is an age of advertising. A big part of their capital is being spent on advertising by the businessmen, traders, firms, companies, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers. In these times of expansion, modernization, integration and liberalization of business, there is boom in consumerism. And so, naturally, there is boom in advertisement. Advertising has become universal and many faceted. One can’t escape or avoid it. It is there on the railway platforms, bus stands, trains and buses, trams, at the market places in the streets, on the roof-tops, on the silver screen the small screen of TV, in journals, magazines, and newspapers, even on electricity and telephone bills. Its forms are very many, amazing and boundless. Hoardings, bills, slogans, neon signs, prints, announcements, tableaus, small but colourful processions etc. are some of these forms. The senses of consumers are being increasingly assaulted by these advertisements. And ultimately, it is an assault on our pockets and incomes. These advertisements lure, oblige and pressurize the people to buy. There are tantalizing offers of rebates, discounts, free gifts, free homes deliveries, buy now and pay later, and so on. Advertisement is a great psychological weapon to lure customers. It also increases the prices of items to be purchased. For example, when a lady...
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