Jose John March 1, 2016 No Comments
AFGHANISTAN Will there be Peace and Prosperity? “Common Afghanistan may treat themselves most unfortunate people for, willy nilly, they are caught in the whirlpool of one war after another and battered by one drought after another and became the easy pawn in the chess game being played by countries, earlier the Soviet Union and now the Britain, and the USA”. The new Constitution that came into force in 2003, paved the way of democratic government in the country and it was hoped that an atmosphere of peace, prosperity and security will prevail in the country. Afghanistan reflects the most depressing social milieu. The social indicators present a barren picture with literacy rate 36% only and merely 13% of the population has access to safe drinking water. Merely 12% of the population has sanitation facilities, life expectancy just 43 years and child mortality rate is 25 of every 1000 children, the fourth highest in the world. The maternal mortality rate is the second highest in the world, 17 out of 1000 mothers die in child birth. Every year approximately 16000 mothers die as such. The level of malnutrition is as high as 70%. The women of Afghanistan form 60% of the population and acknowledged by the international community as the...
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