essay on liquor prohibition in India


Jose John December 27, 2014 No Comments
PROHIBITION IN INDIA Healthy food and drinks bring a point of satisfaction. But intoxication has a reverse effect. The more one drinks the more concentrated doses he requires. Indigenous wine sold under government contracts gives more satisfaction to the poor heavy drunkards who cannot otherwise afford the sophisticated rum or whisky. A festive occasion requires a still heavier dose. The wine prepared from methylated spirit is sold openly throughout the country under different names and clandestinely without a name. There are many in the country who dies without any record anywhere. Besides these deaths by spurious wine otherwise too the so called quality wines eat a man slowly but surely. Drinking results in a number of incurable diseases pertaining to liver, kidney, stomach and lungs. Moreover, a drunkard is more prone to sex. It has resulted in a large number of prostitution markets in the areas where drinking is more of a rule than an exception. AIDS, that killer disease is an accompaniment of sex in the modern world. The first six cases of the fatal disease were found in the brothels of Chennai. The hunger for sex among the drunkards has resulted in the development of flesh trade. Elopement of girls of different ages has become a regular...
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