Jose John February 2, 2016 No Comments
ARE EVENTS LIKE ‘BEAUTY CONTESTS’ AN INSULT TO WOMANHOOD?     “Globalization today means exploitation of natural and human resources from a third country like India by transnational corporation to reap huge profits when it enters our daily life and seeks to capture our personal values and gender perceptions into commodities”. A few years ago, when the ABCL and Godrej Limited arranged ‘Miss World’ contest in Bengaluru, much controversy was ignited in the name of our traditional and ethical values. Our respect for women was reportedly going to winds with the holding of such contests in India. The moot question was “Do such events constitute an insult to womanhood?” There were not less than 28 organizations, opposing the event. The matter was heard by the court and the plea that such events are against our culture, was dismissed by the Karnataka High Court. The ABCL and Godrej Limited questioned the propriety of such hullabaloo over the pageant, when Indian girls have been participating in International beauty contests since mid sixties? Why after two years, when Sushmita and Aishwarya won the crowns representing Indian women to the world, were welcomed? Why, when every other metro city, college and school, locally conducts,/a ‘Miss’ or so and so contest is not opposed by any...
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