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Essay On Newspapers And Its Uses

Jose John October 8, 2014 No Comments
NEWSPAPERS Essay On Newspapers And Its Uses Newspapers are the life line of the society. They bring the whole world to the reach of common man every morning. They also tell him about the universal happenings the worlds his world. They tell him about comet shoemaker Levy lashing against planet Jupiter. They tell him about the black-hole that can devour a number of galaxies. They tell him about a number of new found stars and their satellites. They tell him something that is new to him. The common man is more interested in his own world, in his own continent, country, city or village. Newspapers bring man out of his narrowwell of the village and take him to the expanding cities, groups of countries like SAARC, G7, European Community, the designs of USA after the fall of USSR. They throw light on the butchering of a large number of people by fundamentalists in a number of countries specially in the Islamic world. Besides this world of newspapers serve the purpose of awakening the conscience of man. These are cases of torturing innocent men and women in police custody, by mafias and sometimes even by political leaders. Newspapers raise their voice against these anti-human activities. Indirectly they call upon the...
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