THE SMALL PRINT – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #94

Jose John July 27, 2013 No Comments
101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas IDEA 94: THE SMALL PRINT Many a deal has founded on the small print. The customer likes the product, they want to buy the product, May even at some stages they intend to do so, and then – suddenly – they decline. Something about the terms of the deal destroyed their intent. Idea From the conference industry …  The terms and condition you state for contracts must protect your financial position as supplier, and in particular, protect your profitability. At the same time it is important that they: are communicated clearly and prevent misunderstandings project efficiency enhance the client relationship (for which, they must be seen as acceptable and necessary) encourage conversation of business effectively and promptly Link to any other necessary arrangements and documentation. I first worked on the detail of what is best here during some research with the Meetings Industry Association. They key here and elsewhere is that when discussing terms and conditions you should never apologize. Stress the mutual advantage of clearly specified contract conditions. Talk about working together, and if necessary use a checklist to ensure you deal with everything systematically. Specifically you want to evolve a step-by-step way of introducing and describing terms and conditions, and making...
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