BHAGAT SINGH: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John March 4, 2016 No Comments
BHAGAT SINGH   “One day an innocent boy of three was out for a walk with his father and an elderly man. Chatting they walked on and went beyond the village. The elders were walking along the edge of a field. Not hearing the footsteps of the boy, the father looked back. The boy was sitting on the ground and seemed to be planting something. The father became curious. “What are you doing?” said he. Look, father, I shall grow guns all over the field”, was the innocent reply of the boy. Both the elders were struck with wonder at the little boy’s words. The boy was Bhagat Singh who later fought like a hero for India’s freedom and sacrificed his life.” Bhagat Singh was born in a Sikh family of farmers in the village of Banga of Layalpur district of the then Punjab on September 27th of 1907. His family stood for patriotism, reforms and freedom of the country. His grandfather Arjun Singh was attracted to Arya Samaj, a reformist movement of Hinduism, and took keen interest in the proceedings of the Indian National Congress. Bhagat Singh’s father Kishen Singh and Uncle Ajit Singh were members of Ghadar Party founded in the US to root out British rule from...
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