Essay Writing Topics on L .N. MITTAL

Jose John May 13, 2016 No Comments
L .N. MITTAL Laxmi Niwas Mittal, the largest steel producer of the world was bom in Sadaipur Rajasthan in 1950. His father is Mohan Lai Mittal. He got his early education in native school and later on he went to England for pursuing higher studies. Since his childhood, Laxmi Mittal has been an avowed flier and traveller. Even in the present he travels 350000 km. a year spanning 14 countries. He travels because his empire is spread throughout the world. He manages his empire that employs some 165000 workers. He bought his Kensington home for 128 million dollar (nearly 5 million India rupees) from Formula One boss Bernie Eclestone. Such is the status and reputation of Laxmi Niwas Mittal in the world. In today’s world not all get to live their dreams, but then you have to dream. Laxmi Mittal is one of those who dream and try to fulfill those dreams. In India, he is better known as the richest Indian but in the world he is known as the person who has chased only one dream with firm determination and single mindedness that was to create new architecture for steel business. He has been crazy in buying and acquiring one steel firm after another. Every acquisition has...
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