Discussion Topics – Brain Drain from India

Jose John July 20, 2012 1 Comment
Brain drain is a global phenomenon that refers to flow of human resource in bulk from one country to another. With the beginning of globalization, ideas, opinions, skill in the form of labor started being exchanged between nations. India has been undergoing large amount of this outflow of its human capital and talent in the past few decades. The human capital in terms of skill, ideas, labor and intelligence is being transferred to countries abroad from India since ages. Today, Indians constitute majority of large organizations like NASA, California Laboratory etc. There are many Indians at high posts in global firms and companies. Indians constitute most of the highest brains in the world. There are many reasons for which we have been seeing this trend. Brain drain is thus a phenomenon which can be a loss to our country if not regulated. Many factors account for the drain of the human resource. One of the most important factors is the work culture and professional atmosphere abroad. Many social evils like discrimination, workspace assaults, gender based reservation and social bias make the atmosphere unfriendly for work. Moreover, Corruption makes the work spaces unfriendly for many. There have been cases where undeserving people are preferred over more deserving and talented people...
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