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Jose John August 12, 2014 No Comments
GROUND WATER POLLUTION If there are too many or too much salts in the underground water it may be brackish. One may not relish it. Still it may not be a health hazard. But of late it was found in Denmark that the infants, especially in rural agricultural areas suffered from methaemoglobinaenia. A research found that it was because of excess nitrates in the subsoil water. Further in vivo research revealed that transformation of nitrate and formation of nitroso compounds are responsible for stomach cancer. Further studies conducted by the agency for Environment Protection in Denmark revealed that the overall mean level of nitrate concentration in that country has trebled in the last 35 years or so. According to World Health organization even 10 p.p.m of nitrogen in the form of nitrates makes the water unfit for consumption by infants. With the results reasons too flew from Denmark to India. Though the Changes in ground water quality are still in a nascent stage the people in European Countries have become cautious about it. A study agricultural scientist of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) revealed that increased and indiscriminate use of nitrogenous chemical fertilizers has been the cause of the malady. In the region of coarse textured irrigated farm land the...
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Jose John December 7, 2013 No Comments
IMPACTS OF AUTOMOBILE POLLUTION Before 1970 air and water pollution were considered serious problems. Noise and nuclear pollutions were added to these too – and ozone too. The smog that reduced the visibility in Malaysia and Mexico City and later the smog that engulfed the Los Angeles Valley in California in 1970 compelled the world to rise from the slumber. This photochemical smog was caused by the automobiles emitting different gases. Formerly only carbon dioxide was considered as the culprit. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides were added to the list. Scientifically it was proved that the problem was severe as the sum of these three pollutants can create havoc. That is what we are observing throughout the world as automobiles are considered the most convenient source of travel. In 1999 the numbers of vehicles in India were estimated at 35 million. It was expected to be 53 million by the end of 2000.3.6 million vehicles are produced per year. The older vehicles emit more gases. This damage can hardly be rectified. In a few decades India may become not only a super vehicular country in the world but a super vehicle polluted country too. We have generally been talking about the levels and density of air pollution by...
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