Essay Writing about KALPNA CHAWLA

Jose John May 13, 2016 No Comments
KALPNA CHAWLA It is not often that someone whom the newspapers and media give coverage on the front page loses her life within less than a month. It is also not often that an explosion 200,000 ft. above the ground in Texas, U.S. moved so many in India. The extent of universalization was brought here to us in the most tragic way possible when a gutsy woman from a small town in Karnal (Haryana) died along with six astronauts on a seemingly routine space flight. Suddenly the enormous achievement of Kalpna Chawla, a woman who had stayed 760hours in space and circled the globe 252 times dawned upon her native country. Our 24- hour news network ‘Aaj Tak’ announced that those who wished to pay homage to her could send their message to the channel for broadcast. In just 12- hours we were inundated with one lakhs tributes said Aaj Tak Channel. But her fame is not posthumous. This petite, gritty 41 year old girl, who made America her adopted home, broke all barriers to enter a unique violation and be counted as a member of the world’s most selected club of pioneers. In 1997, after her first space flight in an interviews editor, she said “when you are...
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