Essay topics on life in a big city


Jose John October 5, 2014 No Comments
LIFE IN A BIG CITY Life in a big city is full of fun and frolic, full of hazards and full of dullness too. For many it is rather a hell. The people living on the sea beaches in Mumbai and Chennai in the palacious buildings in Anna Salai or in the posh South Delhi are enjoy all the facilities as they are rich. They have their own means of transport. The bungalows or the palacious flats have all the facilities of electric appliances, computerized systems, and latest gadgets for the housewife and electronic toys for the children. They control big industries and business houses. They have the satisfaction of controlling the fate of thousands of people working in their establishments. Of course they are big producers too and can be proud of increasing the national wealth. They are close to political leaders. They can influence them. In some countries, including India, these preferential people own the media too. The big cities move and guide the politics throughout the country influencing even the democratic process through money power. For the middle classes too who can afford to rub shoulders with people in the massive transport system a big city satisfies their needs quite reasonably. They enjoy the professional and...
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