Jose John February 10, 2016 No Comments
COMMUNALISM A THREAT TO INDIA’S UNITY India is a secular state. Secular means non-religious but in the context of Indian polity, it means the co-existence of all religions without any kind at discrimination. Though, our Constitution safeguards for the minorities, the actual implementation of the provisions are a complex one. Indian people are generally known for their non-violence, tolerance, brotherhood characters, that is why number of religions has nourished in Indian society. After the traumatic partition and bloodshed during the partition, developments turn given the political parties several inflammable issues for exploiting communal passions for their political gains. Not only the politicians, but also the religious heads of minorities and majority community instead of trying to mitigate the communal fringy, flared it up with their speeches and actions. The destruction of Babri Masjid and burning alive the Hindu Kar Sewaka in Godhra (Gujarat) and the incidents of violence in Gujarat after Godhra massacre, have torn the Secular Fabric of Indian Democracy to uncountable pieces. One incidence after another creates more hatred, more incidents, and more communalism in the country. During struggle for independence, several reformers and freedom tighten were committed to the task of modernizing the religious practices in India but what is seen nowadays? Communal violence’s have become...
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