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PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS The education system introduced by Lord Macaulay is deeply rooted in the Indian psyche. The Britishers introduced a system that would provide them clerks and officers to run their government. Formal education in Arts becomes popular. A degree would provide a job. It used to be a government job. It was something like a morsel thrown by the master. But as the vision widened people started thinking of something else too. Moreover the government could not provide jobs to all who had academic qualifications. The first to think over it was Mahatma Gandhi. He gave the task to Dr.Zakir Hussain. The scheme was drawn and an experiment was done by Wardha. Even the British authorities were impressed by the scheme. It was introduced in the primary section in many states. The children would make clay model, wooden toys, draw paintings and do a little of kitchen farming too. This all proved a farce. The toys and models were prepared by others and showed against the names of students. Moreover parents in cities did not like their children coming back from school in dirty clothes. The ideal of learning handicrafts did not pick up. The educationalists fell back on the formal education. With the rise in...
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importance of school library

My School Library or the Importance of a School Library

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