Essay Writing Topics on COMPUTER

Jose John February 6, 2016 No Comments
COMPUTER “Computer is not a magical device. It possesses no IQ or intelligence of its own. Its IQ is zero. It has to be told what to perform and in what sequence. Hence, only the user can determine what task a computer will perform. A computer can’t take any decision at its own until it is programmed to do so. These are some mechanical deficiencies of the computers, but in addition to these technical flaws, the invention of computer has adversely affected the human function, the social economic fabric of the nations.” Today hardly any field of our life is left unaffected by computers. In schools, banks, shops, hospitals, restaurants, post offices, government offices, railway or bus reservation counters, and travel companies and in all such utility service departments, we find computers working everywhere. For the last few decades, the world seems to have undergone a computer revolution. Initially, computers were designed to solve the complicated scientific problems, but now a day; computers are becoming indispensable day by day. Necessity is the mother of invention, the saying holds true for computers, as it was initially invented for fast and accurate calculations. The word computer comes from the word ‘compute’ that means to calculate. So a computer was normally considered...
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