Essay Writing – Corporal punishment in Schools

Jose John July 21, 2012 No Comments
It is an age-old saying that “Spare the rod, spoil the child” which means that physical punishment is the only way to mend the wrong doings of a child. It says that hitting a child for his mistakes can correct him. It is said that framing the character of a child is similar to making an earthen pot because it needs encouragement and support from within but also needs to be patted and corrected from the outside when there are faults. This way, the child is believed to become a person of substance with high ideals. It has been an age old practice in old methods of teaching to punish a child for his mistakes by hitting him or giving his physical punishment of other forms. In the ancient times, the students always feared such punishment and tried not to repeat such mistakes. The teachers always aimed to give proper training to their students and at the time were concerned about them and took care not to hurt them badly. The teacher- student relationship was that of respect and admiration in exchange of care and enlightenment. Today, this relationship has been changed in various aspects. With the commercialization of education, the quality of teaching has gone down in some...
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