Jose John December 26, 2015 No Comments
CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC OFFICES IN INDIA India is one of the most corrupt countries the world. This isn’t just a general opinion but it is a fact that has been stated by various corruption related studies by independent bodies. Take for instance, the Corruption Perceptions Index 2004 as published by Transparency International, an NGO based in Berlin. It ranks India 90 out of 145. And after eight years of this study, the rank has not changed much. Corruption is the main cause of poor governance in India. According to the World Bank, corruption is the use of public office for private gain. Corruption is the lack of moral integrity, whether in matters of finance or intelligence. Corruption not only leads to poor governance, it is anti poor and anti national. It leads to a tremendous wastage of resources and the creation of a huge volume of unaccounted money or what is more commonly called as black money. Corruption encourages terrorism as corrupt officials permit illegal entry of arms, bombs and funds to militants. It affects the poor who are deprived of facilities, which were meant for them. Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, had once observed that out of every rupee 1 that was spent on Public...
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