Essay Writing – The Vagaries of Corruption

Jose John August 21, 2012 No Comments
As the disease of cancer eats into the vitals of a human being, so does the cancer of corruption into the vitals of society. Corruption is thus comparable to cancer. Corruption has many denotations all of  which signify the most evil and the abhorrent. Corruption is widespread moral deterioration, corruption is use of corrupt practices, especially bribery or fraud, corruption is irregular alteration of a text, language etc., from its original state, corruption is decomposition. It is bribery that illegal gratification of a person who has shown favor by allotting something requires urgently. It is a pity that one cannot secure his rights just by guaranteed by the constitution without gratifying the avarice of some corrupt people. Corruption plays an important role in our social life and it has spread its vicious tentacles everywhere. Corruption is rampant in all walks of life. Instances of corruption have rocked the nation now and then. The general feeling is that ministers, politicians and bureaucrats join hands in promoting corruption. Corruption has become a chain reaction and this means that the person at the lowest administrative level passes on a percentage of the bribe to persons higher up. Money given as bribe to a petty official changes hands till a certain percentage of...
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Essay Writing – Black Money and Its Impacts

Jose John August 9, 2012 1 Comment
Black money is unaccounted money, illegally acquired wealth or other assets made through accepting bribery or other morally deprived acts. It may be in the forms of real estate, gold, jewellery, shares, bonds, securities, vehicles etc. Black money in India is estimated to be 200 million crores. It is also believes that black money to the tune of several crores is created every year. This reflects the magnitude of black money market in India. The creation of black money is mostly through the avoidance of income and sales taxes. Lack of proper maintenance of accounts on the part of the businessman leads to the accumulating large amount of unaccounted wealth. Black money is also created through illegal trades. Income obtained through smuggling of gold, brown sugar, narcotics and other goods which cannot be sold in black money. Despite a tight vigil by the Board Security force, goods worth crores of rupees are smuggled from and into India every day. In this way the smuggles secure millions of rupees as black money. At least certain political in India hold a large amount of black money. They have assets north over several crores of rupees. People in power collect money, mainly from big businessmen for allotment of petrol pumps, plots of...
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Slum Culture in India

Jose John July 10, 2012 No Comments
Slums as perceived by most of us are dirty, dingy, mostly illegal and poor societies that lack amenities, wealth or basic standards of living. Today, for many large slums a part of this definition is true; whereas the other part is not. They are definitely dirty and dingy lacking many basic facilities but some of them possess huge amounts of wealth. India has some of the largest slums in the continent as well as the world in its largest metropolitan like Mumbai, New Delhi etc. This reflects the sharp contrast and irony of the two types of lives led in a developed city. A slum is established when a group or a community of people who are weak economically, socially or culturally find an area to establish their dwellings. With time, schools and hospitals are developed in the region but the facilities are not up to the mark. They have to live a life of insecurity and fear as to when they will be dislocated or will be victimized by attacks from other communities. They are enveloped by the vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment, crime, corruption and illiteracy. To add to their despair, the poor hygiene conditions, congested areas give rise to various health problems. Due to lack of...
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Jose John July 7, 2012 No Comments
Corruption is the most deadly social evil persisting in the Indian society at almost all bureaucratic, administrative and official levels. It forms a vicious cycle of darkness around the common man who does not hold any authority or power in the society. Corruption has hollowed our society so far and if not curbed, it shall take our country to all-time lows. Corruption is basically the use of immoral and unethical practices for selfish reasons. Corrupt people can go to any extent and sacrifice their principles to get their job done or for personal gains. Many officials have been caught deceiving people and asking for huge amounts of money for simple jobs. Many public servants who are supposed to serve the society often are responsible for insecurities among the masses. Corruption has even lead to hindrance in the growth and development of our society because many facilities and laws framed for our welfare are not implemented owing to high levels of corruption in our society. Corruption is seen as a direct reason of high rate of unemployment, illiteracy and poverty worldwide.  Lack of proper health facilities, dearth of basic amenities like electricity and communication services and ill maintenance of social and national infrastructure is largely because the funds diverted for...
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