Speech topics on Animal Abuse and Cruelty

Jose John December 7, 2013 No Comments
SPEECH ON CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ‘Bigger fish eats the smaller one’ – quite a natural phenomenon. That is how nature keeps the balance in the world of animals .The fish eats the other fish or a tiger eats its prey is killing instantaneously – the game is over within minutes. So does the whole world of non vegetarian world of human beings. One animal satisfies the immediate need of hunger of the other.  Neither the animal nor the man resorts to torture. They just kill and consume – may not be of course to the liking of many who would worship and feed monkeys and cows. But torturing animals’ foe the so called safety of human beings is rather horrible and hateful. In the late eighties an Indian was demonstrating the skill of his bear in ‘Festival of India’ in Germany. Members of a humanist group caught hold of the man and he was sent back to India. It was not the skill of the animal but the brute torture meted to him that compelled the bear to demonstrate. It was a case of slow torture throughout the life of the bear. If there is fierce atomic invasion it may finish the whole life in no time. Even if...
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