Nuclear Plant Pollution Essay Topics


Jose John October 9, 2014 No Comments
NUCLEAR PLANT POLLUTION Power starving world took shelter under the umbrella of nuclear plants. The idea sprang from the energy released by atom bombs. It is very difficult to have a nuclear war. The people became wiser. They channeled the atomic power into energy through atomic plants little knowing that the radiation from these plants would be a hazardous- even more- as that from ultra violet rays of the sun. Man cannot gain immunity from it. The nuclear plants are good only till they do not let radioactive fumes come out .It may come at intervals affecting animal world including man and poison food too. To remember a few-Ural mountains in Russia in 1957-58,UK in 1957,USA in 1961,Luceans Vad in Switzerland in 1969 ,Russia in 1974,USA again in 1975 and 1979,Tsuruga in Japan in1981,Buenos Aires in Argentina in1983,Oklahowa in USA in 1986,Three mile Island in USA in 1979 continuing up to 1987. Another study reported other 151 accidents in 14 countries between 1971 and 1984. A private body in USA reported 3000 accidents in Nuclear Power Projects in the USA in 1985 and 2,300 in 1984 besides 750 emergency shut downs in 1984. It looks rather strange that even after so many accidents polluting the world atmosphere there are...
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