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COMPUTER VIRUS It was Fred Cahen who incidentally coined the expression ‘Computer Virus’. The term ‘Virus’ and ‘Worm’ were being used in science fiction novels in the early 1970’s. Around the same period, researchers at Xerox Corp, created and demonstrated a self replicating code, called virus. A virus is a program that can modify another program which is deemed infected. This cart-also become an evolved copy of the original virus program. Every program that gets infected may also act as a virus and thus the infection multiplies. The key property of a virus is its ability to infect other programs. Every general purpose system currently in use is open to viral attack. In some secure systems, virus tends to spread further when created by some user of the system. A virus has the potential to spread throughout any system which allows sharing. The virus can be generated and introduced by a hacker. The perpetrator gets the satisfaction of demonstrating human superiority over a cybernetic system. With the advent of internet a haven has been created for virus mongers. An important ongoing research involves determining how quickly a virus could spread to a large percentage of computers in the world. Studies through simplified mathematical models of virus spreading in typical...
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