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DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRITICISM AND LITERARY MOVEMENTS IN SHORT STORIES The short story dates back as early as the 14th Century. It offers what a novel or the equivalent would offer but it has a swiftness and completeness about it. According to Ruby Redinger, the short story is most powerful through graphic narration. The short story has captured a diverse group of things from the supernatural to an everyday occurrence. Nearly any situation can be worked into a short story if the right writer is managing the idea. The first masters of the short story in the eyes of Redinger were Boccaccio, Decameron, and Chaucer, Canterbury Tales. These stories were both written during the 14th Century. During the Renaissance period, the short story lost its edge and writers’ attempts to do what Boccaccio and Chaucer had done failed. In the 19th Century, America was the first to declare the short story as a literary form. During this time, the authors Edgar Allan Poe, Wash­ington Irving, and Nathaniel Hawthorn contributed to the sur­vival of the short story. During this timeframe realism, ro­manticism, and impressionism were the more common liter­ary movements. The short story can also use many other forms and types of criticism to describe it. A few different forms...
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