Speech Topics on Benefits and Problems of DAMS

Jose John December 7, 2013 No Comments
DAMS – THE LIFE LINE OF A COUNTRY Water management is essential not only for the development but for the very existence of the people. It is because of non realization of this that in many developing countries floods and drought go side by side. In the year 2000 in certain areas of Gujarat water was to be transported by trains while certain areas of Orissa and West Bengal were reeling under floods. In certain areas of Bihar it rains heavily during monsoon. But immediately after the rainy season the farmer finds his fields dry. It just means that it is essential to store the water for future use .One may just be helpless for the floods. But these too can be controlled to some extend if the river is channeled towards big dams. Thus both for future use and for partially checking the floods big dams are necessary. For utilizing the rain water in sloppy areas like that of Bihar small dams are a must. It is rather exulting that while we had only 300 dams in 1947 we have 4300 big and small ones today. Thus the dam consciousness is gaining ground. During the last three centuries water requirement has increased 35 times. The annual consumption now...
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