English_Master June 12, 2016 No Comments
UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL Conquest of happiness has meant different facets to different generations. Our forefathers took pride in scholarship, a spirit of sacrifice and solicitude for the welfare of others. Gone are those days. Today, we only are for ourselves. We are jealous of the advancement of our neighbours. We end up tense and unhappy. The term ‘happy’ has a variety of meanings and it stands for lucky, fortunate, content, and glad or apt. Happiness lies within the mind of the individual. No amount of external wealth may be successful in making him happy. Our forefathers had a life-style, very much different from what we have today. Their life was based mainly on the concept of “simple living and high thinking”. People were satisfied with whatever they obtained after working hard. Excess material wealth did not mean much for them. They indulged in charity, etc. Rather, it was spiritual and mental satisfaction and enrichment, which they aimed at. The structural framework of our forefathers’ families was different from ours. They lived in a cohesive joint family structure where they were happier than us. They cared for each other. The siblings grew up with their cousins. The bond of love, which they shared, cannot be easily found...
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