Essay Topics about DR CV RAMAN

Jose John March 6, 2016 No Comments
DR CV RAMAN  “Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman was the first Asian scientist to win the Noble Prize. He was a man of immense curiosity and a lively sense of humour with spirit of inquiry and devotion to science. He laid the foundations for scientific research in India. And he won honour as a scientist and affection as a teacher and a genius.” Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman was born at Trichinopoly in South India on 7th November, 1888. His father was a lecturer of Mathematics and Physics and so from the very beginning, he was nourished in an academic atmosphere. He entered Presidency College, Madras in 1902, passed his BA examination in 1904, winning the first place and the gold medal in Physics; in 1907, he got his MA degree, obtaining the highest distinctions. On 6th May, 1907, Raman married Lokasundari Ammal. His earliest researches in optics and acoustics—the two fields of investigation to which he dedicated his entire career—were carried out while he was a student. At that time a scientific career did not appear to present the best possibilities, and so Raman joined the Indian Finance Department in 1907. Though the duties of his office took most of his time, Raman found opportunities for carrying on experimental research in the...
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